DeGen Store

  • DeGens vault will host $(token name) auctions & raffles for:
    • Exclusive Whitelist Spots
    • NFTs held in the vault
    • and a lot more...
  • Buy-it-now DeGens listings .
    • In the future, DeGens can be listed for $(token name) on the DeGen Store.
    • The price will be derived from the burn value formula.
All $(token name) collected from the store will be held by the treasury.

Second Gen purchase

  • The Second Gen will be available via use of $(token name):
    • cost 100 $(token name) per DeGen. Price of purchase will increase per day.
    • generate 2x daily $(token name) yield.
    • Will be used in replacement to the DeGen.
  • upgrade applied directly to holder's selected DeGen after $(token name) purchase.

Further Use for Token

We will be onboarding community suggestions to further use this token in different projects. Making it sustainable in the long-term.